Thursday, January 5, 2012

How To Customizing Your Facebook Fanpage Landing Page

Facebook profiles are pretty simple. What make your page different from the others are the unique stories you share, the different photos uploaded and other information you feel like sharing online. This is all right for individual Facebook users. However, this can be a little too bland for a business that plans to use it in the marketing efforts.

If you think that the Facebook fanpage is too simple for your marketing campaign, then worry no more. There are various ways to jazz up its landing page. But what is a landing page? The landing page is like a preview of what the page is all about. But that is not all, this page calls the visitor to act, that is to like the page. Clinking on the Like button would mean access to updates and information of the business. Once a person likes the page, they will no longer be directed to the landing page. Instead, they will see the actual Facebook profile or timeline of the company.

Developing an interesting landing page:

There are various ways to design a landing or welcome page. Some would use images while others use literature. I find the use of images more appealing. A wonderful photo coupled with a brief yet catchy statement can convince your visitor to like it. This will depend on the type of product or business you are marketing. If you are marketing a book, a review or summary of the book could be an important component. Similarly, a synopsis can be effective for movies.

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